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Breakfast with the Birds: on CBC TV8 for Friday 24th January, 2014

The Masked Duck (Nomonyx dominicus) - An Encounter in Barbados is a mini-documentary that I prepared with the help of Julian Moore (Videographer) and David Green (Editor). It was made possible through the kindness of a Good Samaritan, Mr Leslie Goodridge, who rescued this duck from a petrol station at Six Roads, St Philip, Barbados. Mr Goodridge found the duck wandering around the forecourt of the station, and rescued it from certain death by being run over by a vehicle. He brought it to me to be released back into the wild at an appropriate location.Since I was in the process of preparing an episode on the Masked Duck for my TV program, Breakfast with the Birds on CBC TV8, it was a most fortuitous event - it gave me the opportunity to do the program with a Live duck in my hands, rather than relying solely on still photos of the ducks on a pond. We christened the duck Laurie, and released her at the Hope Pond in St Lucy, in the N of the island, early on the morning of Sunday 19th January 2014. This video was screened as part of my Breakfast with the Birds program on Friday 24th January 2014 on CBC TV8, Barbados.