Fox Family Simulator 2020 - Android Gameplay FHD

FOR MORE ANDROID GAMES -http://www.youtube.com/user/androidgameplaynet?sub_confirmation=1Fox Family Simulator 2020 by FunSimulationAre you Ready to love with the life of wild Fox family and survive in the wilderness of forest and desert?Live with your Fox cub and Fox family into the African lush green and rocky jungle.So Download your Fox free game in Fox simulator for free.Play Fox games, fight against enemies to raise aFox family and explore the savannas.Get ready for Fox attack simulator 3d game with wide and amazing jungle, hunt wild animals and become Fox survival.This is a one of the most realistic Fox family control with attractive sounds and graphics. Family members are not onlygood companions but they can fight along side in combatIts a real game with day and night cycle with large amount of animals into the jungle.FEATURES:1: RGP style game of Fox family simulator with amazing realistic control and touch system2: use RADAR for wild and passive animals locations.3: Day and Night cycle with amazing rainy seasons.4: Survive against African savanna animals like gazelle, hare, hyena, Lion, other Fox and many more in family sim 3d.5: Fox simulator has a awesome homes for cubes carrying.6: Make new animals as a family mate and survive with them the amazing jungle.7: Amazing Graphics and explore the other animals places in one click.8: Various Game Modes added in this game for Fox attack and survival system.9: Rotatable camera with zoom in and zoom out system.10: User attractive Fox and family character selection system----Download link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.funcraft.games.fox.family.simulator.wild