Paris Air Show 2013 - Su-35 vertical take-off + Air Show (HD)

The Sukhoi SU-35 made a stunning performance at the Paris Air Show 2013. There were a few maneuvers I have never seen before and sometimes this skilled pilot made it very difficult for me to follow the plane. Usually I am only filming civilian planes but the performance of this SU-35 was so impressive so that I had to upload the footage.Thanks for watching, I hope you liked it and please don` t forget to rate.Video related tags:Crosswind Landings during a STORMMost DANGEROUS and STRANGESTLandingAirlineAirlinesAirplanesCrashTakeoffcrosswindcrosswind landingaccidentairplanesairplaneaircraftweatherWindCrosswindbad weatherstormstorm landingstorm takeoffLighteningBoeingBoeing 747B747747Compilation着陆航空公司航班飞机崩溃起飞侧风侧风着陆意外飞机飞机飞机天气风侧风恶劣的天气暴风雨风暴登陆风暴起飞闪电波音公司波音747B747七百四十七编译AterrizajeAerolíneaaerolíneasavionesChoqueQuitarseviento de costadoaterrizaje con viento cruzadoaccidenteavionesaviónaeronaveclimaVientoViento de costadomal tiempotormentaaterrizaje de tormentadespegue tormentaFocosBoeingBoeing 747B747747Compilaciónهبوطشركة طيرانالخطوط الجويةالطائراتتحطماخلعالمتقاطعةهبوط المتقاطعةحادثالطائراتطائرةطائرةطقسريحالمتقاطعةطقس سيئاقتحامهبوط العاصفةالاقلاع العاصفةإضاءةبوينغبوينج 747B747747