Best of Sudan رئيسة الوزراء البريطانية تكرم افضل جراحة في بريطانيا دكتورة سهير حمد النيل

Dr. Sohier Hamad ElneilConsultant in Urogynaecology and Uro-neurologyUniversity College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Training Programme DirectorUniversity College London20 years experience in healthcare in UK as well as developer of curriculum/training programmes in Africa/South East AsiaSudan Knowledge (SK) is a global forum that brings together experts from across the world to discuss issues relating to sustainable development, science and technology management in Sudan without promoting any kind of political views and/or ideologies among the different stakeholders in and outside Sudan. https://www.sudanknowledge.orghttps://facebook.com/sudanknowledge.orghttps://twitter.com/sudan_knowledgeYouth Sustainable Development Entrepreneurship Knowledge Economy Environment Innovation development Sustainability Universities africa Obesity UAE Health Capacity Building Education Knowledge Management Diaspora Knowledge R&D Sudan