Dancing Contras - clip

henryandjacqui.com for 30m TV qual. DVD teaching contra dance basics. Watch the fun everyone is having and learn the basic structure of contra dance and most of the moves you will need to start enjoying yourself at a dance. The music is from live bands in Michigan (and London, England on the full DVD): Tanglemere The Waltz Pistols (Chesapeake) Henry Morgenstein is the caller and narrator. Also the master storyteller and creator of the video. Jacqui Morgenstein wielded the cameras and did the fancy editing. The DVD has a scene selection menu so you can jump straight to the bit you want to watch again. Great for learning a move. Most of the DVD was done with professional cameras borrowed from TCTV2, the Public Access Cable TV station in Traverse City, MI, so the DVD is TV quality - much better than a personal camcorder.